Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Times They Never A Changed

Bob Dylan is known by different faces to different people. The modern generation may know him best simply for the use of his song, "Times they are a changin' " used recently in the hit motion picture The Watchmen, others know him best for his work with civil rights and other political movements, most however know him simply as a great musician. The one side of Robert, that has managed to escape public memory, at least in recent years, is his abrasive side. Below I present you with my favorite of the many faces of Bobby.

After watching the clip, it is impossible not to fall in love with Dylan. It is axiomatic, that years later Vince McMahon would watch this video and use Dylan's in-your-face attitude as a pro-type for Stone Cold Steve Austin. Throughout the process, Dylan frequently told flat-out lies, for instance stating that his songs had absolutely no meaning, and doing it all with a straight face. But more importantly Dylan did what Steve Austin would do oh so many years later, tell a man who was clearly detached from the wants of his viewers the truth. Steve and Dylan pulled no punches on their respective fat cats, as they were both told they had no understanding of how the companies they ran actually worked. Somehow both manage to do what so few men are capable of today, be honest, crass, and popular with the masses all at the same time. They told their superiors to take their bullshit and walk, all the while urging the masses to question the status quo and the mundane repetitive life it surely leads to. These men are an inspiration to all and an entertaining reminder that just because someone has already made billions of dollars in a given industry and has decades more experience than you doesn't mean they are right. But most important of all it teaches us that you don't have to be polite or professional in any sense of the word in order to become famous and widely popular multimillionaire.
Thanks Bob!


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