Thursday, February 25, 2010

Open Letter to EA Sports Regarding NBA Live 10

Below is my letter to EA Sports, it is my personal suggestions to EA about how they can improve the realism of their game NBA Live 10. There isn't really much of an intro I can give you, just read and you'll understand.

Dear Electronic Arts,

I’m writing to inform you of some less than realistic portions of your game NBA Live 10. I have no complaints about the gameplay or the graphics, those are both stellar and I love the way you’ve improved them every year. I do however have a complaint about the atmosphere you present in certain arenas in the game, specifically the IZOD Center. Now, I understand that you try to make the game enjoyable to play even if specific teams make that unbearably difficult, although I think you could significantly improve your game by making it painfully realistic. I am a fan of the New Jersey Nets and part of the atmosphere I love at the ‘ZOD is the horrific silence during most of the game, in your game however, there is usually a fair amount of cheering. The fact that the arena always appears almost full is also something of concern, in recent history futility and lack of fan support has been a staple in the culture of the New Jersey Nets. I think since the Nets don’t have any players good enough, or with enough personality to have a cool pre-game ritual animation, you should just have the camera pan over the empty seats of the IZOD Center, and show the local fans of the visiting team cheering. That would add a lot of realism to your game in that aspect, also you don’t show many animations during stoppage of play, maybe a quick look at CDR tweeting on the bench, or Yi disgracing America during the National Anthem would make the gameplay feel more like watching a broadcast. My last complaint is lack of team specific announcers, I would play your game until my xbox melted the disc if you added commentary from Ian Eagle and Jim Spanarkel, also a halftime show with highlights of the first half and what the NJ Nets like to call “Ask the Announcers”, a ridiculous segment full of trivia, fan questions, and crazy hi-jinx.

I’m sure my suggestions could be applied to many teams with a little local flair based on fan input, especially since the NBA is a four or five team race to the championship now. A large part of what keeps NBA fans coming back for more is how hard we laugh at how pathetic many of these teams are, and even more than that, how ashamed most fans are to be affiliated with such failure.

Thanks for hearing me out, and I hope my suggestions can help develop your game to a new level of realism.

Very Truly Yours,

“The Pez Dispenser”

Writer - ETS Daily


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