Saturday, February 20, 2010

Vince McMahon World’s Best Bad Investor

As I have said in the past, Vince does some incredibly bone headed things, however I have also coincided that regardless of who is more skilled (obviously I am) Vince is surely the more successful one. It may seem odd to criticize a billionaire, but there is no doubt in my mind that Vince has wasted millions with poor investments and missed out on millions more because he wasn’t smart enough to capitalize on a good thing. The most obvious of the bad investments was his World Bodybuilding Federation from the early 90’s. With rumors of a federal steroid investigation already brewing, it was not only a stupid businesses move but also a stupid legal move. Vince’s other famous flop, was of course the XFL while a great investment, Vince unfortunately did not have the foresight to follow through. Luckily for the
fans, Vince has been much more successful in creating stars, however his track record is far from perfect. Let’s take a look at a few:

Hulk Hogan: During a scripted segment Kurt Angle was said “Hulk Hogan became a Real American Hero, because Vince McMahon told him he was going to be a Real American Hero. If Vince wanted Hogan to be a Zookeeper he would have been Zookeeper it's that simple”. This quote is no doubt true, but makes one wonder; why did Vince seek to commit alchemy; the practice of turning lead into gold? Make no mistake, Hulk is lead, if dropped into the harsh environment which is ROH or Dragon Gate, he would have surely sank. While Vince may have turned Hulk into gold and made him the biggest name in all of wrestling, it could have all turned out so much better. Just imagine if he had used these creative juices on an all around athlete, how over could Vince have gotten this Meta-human? Hulk may famous, but it isn’t as one of the world’s best wrestler, it’s as one of the world’s best entertainers. Vince Surely misused a lot of time and effort on this man.

Bryan Danielson: As talked about in my last post, Bryan Danielson is one of themost talented technical wrestlers in the world today. So naturally I think Vince signing him is not only a shocking move (Vince is notorious for hating talented workers) but also a wise business investment. However Vince has horribly misunderstood a time honored practice. Anyone who has taken a business class knows that gold is a stable investment, and in troubled times (such as the wrestling industry is facing currently, at least rating wise) you should hold gold. In this scenario Bryan is gold, and Vince is following the lesson plan, he is keeping Bryan nice and safe in the bank. The only problem here is that Bryan isn’t gold, he’s a human, a human in his prime, and every day he sits on the shelf he is missing out on a potential five star matches. He may claim that he has some ring rust, but I can assure you Bryan is a better worker than anyone on WWE television even on his worst days. Personally I’ll take Danielson v. anybody before I sit through another Mark Henry match.

Check Back later this week as I continue to rip apart Vince McMahon!


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Rip on vince mcmahon week rules

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