Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Views on the NJ Nets

for those who don't know I love the nets, this season however i love the nets losing. they are too far gone to take seriously so I look forward to them losing to secure the record for most loses in a single season. the record is currently 9-73 set by the 1972-73 76er's, and the nets are just on pace to beat the record. tonights game against the pistons was far to close and the pistons should've put them out of it in the first half. the nets are the biggest laughing stock in recent history and i love every second of it. Next season looks bright though, and i predict them to win the nba championship after they acquire john wall from the draft and lebron from free agency. until then GO NETS!!!


Anonymous said...

I want to say the biggest single season improvment is 45 games so an NBA title is not out of the question, unless of course you're asking the question with all sorts of double negatives.......First

Anonymous said...

I really hope they don't try to improve the team before the trade deadline. It's a much better story if they can go from being, wuite literally, the worst team in nba history, to a team that could make a run in the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

if only we could get fellow Nets fans to unite in this mission of futility. Instead of being dissapointed on a nightly basis, insead we have something to cheer and a bright, looming sun on the horizon. A move to the beautiful Prudencial Center in downtown (not-so-beautiful) Newark, a gauranteed top 4 draft pick, a new owner who also happens to be the richest man in Russia, and the foundation of the young team already in place. Who knows, there may be a championship parade in 2011 all accros the Garden State Parkway

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