Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ryan's Outburst (ETS Daily Exclusive)

Coach Rex Ryan has been know throughout his first season to shake things up, and get people's attention. this past week however he did it in a very different way, by flipping the bird at a dolphins fan. I completely support Rex in this situation because i am a jets fan. whats the big deal?, he was at an MMA event watching herschel walker kick the crap out of some chump, why do people gotta be hating? its not his fault you couldn't win enough games to get into the playoffs, you just suck. the nfl needs to screw off when a coach or player isn't in season, i don't get why rex ryan can't flip the bird in public but i can, i just don't make sense.


"Pistol" Clyde Stockton said...

Rex Ryan is hefty. As in he is full of heft. I support everything this man does

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