Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Guess the ETS Contest!

Have you ever wanted a topic near and dear to your heart mocked and ridiculed on an international platform? Of course you have, and now is your chance with our "Guess the ETS" contest. To enter the "Guess the ETS" contest all you have to do is correctly guess what the E the T and S in ETS Daily stand for. One lucky winner will get the opportunity to submit a the topic of a future article to our ETS Daily staff, you will even be able to choose which one of our elite ETS Daily staffers writes it! All entries must be submitted vie email to by 2/20/2010 (Saturday) by 11:59 P.M. along with your guess, first name, state and any other information you feel comfortable sharing with ETS Daily. Ets Daily will not publish any personal information without your expressed emailed consent, and we look froward to hearing your "Guess the ETS" guesses.


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"I read your articles on ETS Daily a few days're a good writer...there was good stuff there..i didnt know someof teh stuff you were talking about but it was still interesting and I am offically a fan lol:)" - Beyond devoted anonymous reader