Thursday, April 1, 2010

'Give me Vaughn.' '...You mean RICK Vaughn?'

With the NBA season nearing conclusion, it seems like a good time for me to make another case for the Andersons as two of the best players in the league, this time using the plus/minus statistic. Since it's a very concrete way of evaluating a player's impact on the game - by looking at the relative scoring by both teams while the player is in the game - it can be argued that the +/- stat is the most comprehensive way of evaluating players' success. On the other hand, since bench players' stats are going to be undoubtedly inflated when they play most of their minutes against other bench players, it can also be argued that the +/- stat is useless. When used correctly, however, +/- can tell us a lot about players' impact on games. With that in mind, let's take a look at the league leaders in plus/minus per 48 minutes (or, the theoretical amount by which the player's team would win if they played the whole game).

1. Anderson Varejao............... 12.048

2. Lebron James...................... 10.464

3. Chris Anderson.................... 10.080

4. Dwight Howard....................... 9.552

Exactly as I suspected. Four quality MVP choices, but the Wild Thing has my vote every time.

Early last month when the Cavs came to Jersey to annihilate the Nets, I decided I needed to finally see the pride of Brazil work his magic in person. The only problem was, because of a run-in with the NJSEA security several years back, I am not legally allowed to enter the Meadowlands Sports Complex. Ever. Not even the fucking racetrack. They have a picture of me holding up the piece of paper that says this. But with the help of my friend (pictured), I was able to fly under the radar and get an up-close look at Andy's afro (it's pretty great). Unfortunately for the Nets, the Cavs' pregame warmups were much more entertaining than the game itself. Whammy!

Predictions for the weeks ahead:

Duke cuts down the nets.

Tiger goes into "fuck you" mode and takes another green jacket by 8+ strokes.

Lakers get swept in the first round. Please.


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